Friday, February 11, 2011

Beginning the Walls!

Wow! It has been a very long time since my last post, but I have a good reason. Work! Schoolwork, miniature work, tutoring jobs, and more have kept me very busy. Just because I haven't blogged, however, doesn't mean I haven't made some great progress on my chateau. For this post I've decided to write about the paneling on the fireplace wall, first floor.

As I researched (googled imaged rococo detailing for hours on end) I kept thinking that I would never be able to find a trim from a store that would truly be rococo. This was made even more clear when I found some antique findings at a jewelry show that would fit perfectly on the walls. So, I decided to carve my very own trims for the paneling in the room! A little crazy, yes, but worth it, completely. The first thing I did was draw up some sketches that would tie in nicely with the findings.
After I found a design I liked, I began to block out the basic shapes in balsa wood with an Exacto knife. After that I started to sand, smooth, and add detail to the wood with my dremel (which I LOVE by the way!)

As for steps, that's pretty much it, but don't be tricked into thinking this is easy stuff. The carving takes a lot of patience at this small of a scale. My first trim took me about 4 hours, mostly because I was being very cautious and everything was new. Once I got used to the design and tools, however, I was finishing up trims in an hour!

  • Here are all my trims! I am soooo proud of them, especially since they all look the same!

  • This is what the panel will look like, plus some gold leafing of course.

So it turns out I was right, hand carved trims ended up looking absolutely amazing. If I had bought store bought trims it just wouldn't have been right. Plus, now that I know I can carve my own detailing, I think I'll start carving as much as I can!


  1. Hi Katie!
    Just discovered your blog and what a talent you have. It is great to see a young person interested in miniatures. I will be watching the progress on your Chateau! I am a miniaturist of many years. Check out my web site
    p.s. I visited "Biltmore House for the 8th time this June. Amazing place. Be sure to do the "Behind the Scenes" tour. Well worth it!

  2. I'm speechless.
    I love your work is very professional and refined.
    You have so much talent
    a hug

  3. Un perfecto tallado de la madera,eso si que es rococó!!!Enhorabuena!!!

  4. Kate, I hope you will return to your blog at some point. You are a marvel to not only be interested at your young age, but for your courage (and skill) to tackle some pretty advanced techniques. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  5. I just found your blog. You do wonderful things! I am looking for moldings and profiles to create the stucco and customize my dollhouse. I have seen that some people use jewelry findings and others Dresdnerpappe. Unfortunately they are not easy to find in Italy. Your post offers me the opportunity to create these pieces by myself. Of course I'm not sure I have your manual skills ... but it's worth a try! Thanks for the explanation

  6. Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Mini hugs, Natalia

  7. Wow what a your blog and the things you are doing. Your interests are like mine...great to find like-minds!

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