Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First post!

Well here we go, my first post on my new blog! I'm going to start with some background info because this is definitely not the first, or even second day of my new miniature project. It has actually been about a month from when my mom pulled down a huge box from the attic one summer day. When I opened this mysterious new box I was pleasantly surprised with a cracked, brittle, and swollen piece of wood with a Bespaq sticker on it. The roof was almost completely separated from the walls, and the detailing around the door was completely ripped of the side of the building. This dilapidated piece of wood was just the sort of project I love. For the next two days I did the most sanding, wood puddying, and gluing I have probably done in my whole life. After all this work you could actually see what the chunk of wood really was. A very elegant chateau style house.

  • note the bottles of putty in the background

Originally the roof had nothing on it and it looked extremely plain. This had to be fixed. After a quick stop at Shellie's (Miniature Mania), Michael's, and the closest golf store I could find, I was ready to make a fabulous copper roof. The first thing I did was add two perpendicular pieces of, err trim I guess you could call it ( sorry still working on the lingo here), on the top of the roof. I did this to add height and make it look more like a metal roof. Wood trim was also added to the flat part of the roof for gutters. The next step is where the golf store starts to make sense. I bought lead tape ( I think golfers put it on their clubs or something) to make ribs on the roof.

Now Michael's comes in. I bought Sophisticated Finishes: Copper Metallic Surfacer and Patina Green Antiquing Solution;and just some basic copper colored high gloss paint. I didn't want the roof to be as green as the Statue of Liberty, but instead have some shinny copper popping out through the weathered green. This is why I used the regular copper paint as a base coat (after a coat of primer of course). Once the paint dried I waited for a nice foggy day in South City to use the finishes. To apply the Copper Metallic Surfacer I used a sponge to make sure there would be no brush lines. Extra paint was put in the corners where most of the water would have collected and run down. Then before the paint dries I used a combined method of spraying and flicking with a tooth brush the Patina Solution onto the roof. All that was left to do is wait for everything to dry and cross you fingers for a good result the next day. All I can say is the four leaf clover I found when I was seven must still be working because the roof turned out perfect! I couldn't have asked for anything more, especially on a first try.

  • The photo on the left I took while waiting for everything to dry. The photo on the right is the finished product.

Alrighty, that's it for tonight, my next post will be about the theme, flooring, and ceiling for the first floor.

Until I write again, Katie


  1. Wow, Katie, your miniature chateau is really beautiful!


  2. Hi! I read about you in the SSF Patch. I think what you're doing is so neat/creative...something I would do if I only I had some artistic talent. Unfortunately I pretty much have ZERO. I saw you sold Christmas cookies to support the cause... I'd be interested in buying some cookies to help! I'm a new Mom and need the calories anyway :)

  3. wow thanks! The new recognition I've been getting from the patch article is all very sureal, but also very appreciated! As for the cookies, I plan on making a batch for the Spring/Easter holiday, and I'll be sure to let you know, and congragulations on becoming a Mom!

  4. Dear Katie,
    I am so happy that I came upon your lovely blog...you are incredible for someone so young!! I will be waiting impatiently for any new posts that you have.

    All the best

  5. Non altro da dire..!.meravigliosi.Passione e precisione certosina.Congratulazioni.

  6. Stumbled across your blog. SO excited someone so young is into this lovely hobby! But.....where did you go????

    1. Hopefully she's now busy in college with talent like that

    2. Hopefully she's now busy in college with talent like that

    3. Thank you for the comment, I had honestly forgotten I made this blog. But yes, I am 22 now and am just finishing up college. I studied Architectural Engineering with an Art History Minor a plan to restore and retrofit historic buildings! I still have my dollhouse and really do hope to finish it once I am out of college and free from engineering homework :)

  7. I love your artwork and follow you pots this very minute!