Friday, September 18, 2009

Theme of First Floor

Now that I had a fabulous roof, the question was what to work on next. If my thought process was anywhere near normal I probably would have chosen to work on the faux stone exterior. Instead I chose to take a turn in the complete opposite direction, the interior. Looking back I most likely would have kept working on the exterior, but something got in the way. One picture in the book Period Style by Mary Gilliatt and Elizabeth Wilhide. Period Style is a history of how and why architectural and decorative elements of homes have evolved. I found my lovely inspiration room within the section about the transition from Baroque to Rococo.

  • this room is in the Grand hotel Faligan, Belgium.

This Rococo room has a color scheme of greens, creams, and of course, GOLD! The trompe l'eol style paintings were what popped out at me first. I knew that I had to have something just like it in my mini chateau. After hours of searching "18th century paintings", "rococo paintings", and anything else I could think of I finally hit the jackpot. A panoramic view of a very 18th century outing. It had cherubs dancing around fully costumed men and women in front of the most perfect light blue and green background. Once again I could not have asked for more.

After meticulous measuring I had three, two inch panels to go on one of my walls. A fireplace would go on the other wall and the floors wood be a beautiful parquet design. At his point I was thinking "OK, I have the main elements and color scheme down, but what will this rococo room be used for??". The answer to this, and many other questions was in one of my favorite movies, Marie Antoinette. As I was watching the scene of Marie's birthday it hit me. The room would be the scene of a soiree, with cards, cakes, and lots of champagne! Now I had a clear goal and was ready to get working. Next step, PARQUET FLOORING!
Untill I write again, Katie.


  1. Wow! I love your floor! I try to make all my own stuff too!

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